2011 Business of Clean Energy in Alaska conference

Held annually, the Business of Clean Energy in Alaska conference brings together business, civic and government leaders from around the state, nation and the world in a strategic and educational forum to help Alaska move toward a sustainable energy future. It is structured as a two-day conference with one day focused on Renewable Energy and one day on Energy Efficiency, and also features an exhibitor hall open to the public.
Energy is the lifeblood of our communities. As concerns about rising fossil fuel prices, energy security increase, Alaska can and should be a leader in the development of renewable energy as a way to stabilize energy prices and to spur jobs and economic growth.
Alaskans continue to pay some of the highest prices for gas and electricity in the nation despite being the second largest producer of oil in the United States. It is clearly in the best interest of Alaskans to develop cheaper, more stable, and environmentally sustainable methods of energy production and to employ energy efficiency to maximize our use of energy.
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