What People Are Saying

Here are some of the great things people are saying about the Business of Clean Energy in Alaska conference:

“The Business of Clean Energy in Alaska conference is critical in facilitating the dialogue needed to educated business leaders on the massive opportunity the transition to renewable energy holds. The conference is an amazing opportunity to look into the future and ask questions of experts in the emerging industry of renewable energy. It is not a question of “if” we are moving to renewables, it is only a questions of when and how the suite of renewables will work in concert to fill the void as fossil fuels become costly to use as energy sources.”

Doug Johnson, Alaska Business Development Director, Ocean Renewable Power Company, 2013 BCEA Conference Speaker

“The Business of Clean Energy in Alaska Conference is one conference I don’t want to miss each year. The blend of people attending from many sectors of the economy, combined with the wide variety of speakers make for a potent conversation. The time away from the myriad detail of my daily tasks blended with the content of this conference allows me to see more clearly the big picture of how clean energy is critical to a 21st century economic system. My imagination goes into overdrive as to what my next steps should be.”

Scott Waterman, Energy Programs Manager, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

“This conference offers the chance to learn from each other’s successes and failures, and put Alaskan communities on the cutting edge of self-sufficiency.”

Meera Kohler, CEO, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative 

“Alaska may be the best proving ground in the country for retrofit and renewable biomass, geothermal, wind, hydroelectric, and tidal energy projects, given our high current costs for power, and our constant challenges of cold, dark and distance. Come learn about opportunities to put new technology into action.”

 Mead Treadwell, Lieutenant Governor of Alaska

“The Business of Clean Energy in Alaska conference is a unique event that brings together private, public and academic experts who are focused on developing Alaska’s renewable resources. The conference has been responsible for connections and opportunities that have been very valuable to my role as the CEO of Platinum Capital.”

Hugh Short, CEO, Platinum Capital, 2013 BCEA Conference Speaker

“I think really the focus of energy (in Alaska) started with the discussion that took place at this conference.”

Gene Therriault, Deputy Director – Statewide Energy Policy Development, Alaska Energy Authority, 2012 BCEA Speaker