2010 Business of Clean Energy in Alaska

Welcoming Remarks
Chris Rose, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Gene Therriault, Senior Policy Advisory, In-State Energy, Alaska

Panel 1 – Retrofitting Buildings for Energy Efficiency

Moderator: Michael Barber, Partner, Continuum Industries

Duane Ives, Ph.D.
Founder, Milepost Consulting
Building the Business Case for Strategic Energy Management in the Built Environment

Nancy Clanton
President, Clanton & Associates, Inc.
Alaska’s Lighting Energy – Let’s Save 50% More!

Gary Gagnon
Director of Operations, Ameresco, Inc.
Energy Services Performance Contracting (ESPC) for Alaska

Retrofitting Buildings for Energy Efficiency: Question and Answer

Panel 2 – Designing Smart Buildings

Moderator: Lina Contrantinovici, Sustainability Strategy Consultant, Adaptive Energy

Klaus Mayer
Partner, mayer sattler-smith
Working With Climate, Culture, and Technology

Karl T. Schmid
Architect, Architekturburo Schmid
Living in a Power Plant

Jack Hebert
President & CEO, Cold Climate Housing Research Center
Indigenous Wisdom, 21st Century Technology

Designing Smart Buildings: Question and Answer

Keynote – The New World of Green

David Gottfried
Managing Director, Regenerative Ventures

Panel 3 – Efficient Power Generation and Transmission

Moderator: Jim Posey, General Manager, Municipal Light & Power

Tom Tanton
President, T2 & Associates
Distributed Generation: Unique Opportunities for Alaska

Lisa Schwartz
Senior Associate, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)
Is It Smart if It’s Not Clean? State Policies for Smart Grid Investments

Bryan Hannegan, Ph.D.
Vice President, Environment & Renewables, Electric Power Research Institute
Dance Partners: Renewables and the Smart Grid

Efficient Power Generation and Transmission: Question and Answer

Discussion of Renewable Energy in Alaska

Facilitator: Cady Lister, Information Insights

Day 2: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Chris Rose
Executive Director, Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Panel 4 – The State of Renewable Energy in Alaska Today

Moderator: Meera Kohler, President & CEO, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative

Ron Acarregui
Vice Chairman, Kodiak Electric Association
Toward Energy Independence in Kodiak

Jim St. George
President, STG Incorporated
Economics of Energy Systems in Rural Alaska

Roya Stanley
Director, Iowa Office of Energy Independence
Energy Independence, Economic Prosperity and the Map We’re Charting to Get There