2011 Business of Clean Energy in Alaska

Panel 1 – Designing for Energy Efficiency & The Bottomline

Moderator: Zachary Watson, Special Projects Director, Center for Next Generation; San Francisco, CA

David Johnson
West Coast Director, William McDonough & Partners; San Francisco, CA
Cradle-to-Cradle Design – Strategies for a World of Nine Billion

Rob Pratt
Chairman and CEO, Greener U; Waltham, MA
Keys to Using Energy Efficiency as an Economic Driver

Kim Matsoukas
Sustainability Manager, Bentley Price Street; Industry, CA
Energy Efficiency as a Corporate Mission (.pdf)

Panel 2 – Policy Successes: Efficiency as an Economic Driver

Moderator: Caitlin Higgins, Executive Director, Alaska Conservation Alliance; Anchorage, AK

Jes B. Christensen
Managing Director, Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH); Copenhagen, Denmark
Shaping a Low-Carbon World: Lessons from Denmark (.pdf)

Capt. John Hickey
Commanding Officer, US Coast Guard Shore Maintenance Command (SMC); Seattle, WA
The US Coast Guard Energy Program (.pdf)

Juergen Korn
Research & Development Project Manager, Yukon Housing Corporation, Yukon Territory
The Road to More Efficient Housing in Yukon (.pdf)

Keynote – The Business Case for Building Green

Jerry Yudelson
Author and Founder, Yudelson Associates; Tuscon, AZ
The Business Case for Building Green

Breakout Session 1 – Commercial Energy Efficiency

Eric McCallum
Founder, Arctic Wire Rope & Supply; Anchorage, AK
Targeting the Business Bottom Line

Steve Zelener
President, Zelener Group; Anchorage, AK
Commercial Building Investment Options

Breakout Session 2 – Residential Energy Efficiency

John Davies
Sr. Energy Policy Researcher, Cold Climate Housing Research Center; Fairbanks, AK
Building Codes and Energy Efficiency for Alaska

Nathan Wiltse, Project Manager/ Building Energy Economist, Cold Climate Housing Research Center; Fairbanks, AK
The Value of Energy Efficiency in Alaska

Breakout Session 3 – Rural Energy Efficiency

Ellen Kazary
Community Development Manager, RurAL CAP; Anchorage, AK
Using Community-Based Social Marketing to Reduce Energy Costs in Rural Alaska

Carrie Sykes
Business & Economic Development Manager, Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes; Juneau, AK
Sustain Angoon Energy Efficiency Demonstration Project

Elizabeth Moore
Regional Government Affairs Manager, NANA Regional Corporation, Kotzebue, AK
Coordinated Approaches to Energy Solutions in Northwest Alaska

Panel 3 – The Emerging Renewable Energy Economy

Moderator: Nils Andreassen, Managing Director, Institute of the North; Anchorage, AK

John Cooper
CFO, Ocean Renewable Power Company; Portland, ME
The Growth of the Tidal Energy Industry and its Potential in Alaska

Robert Allen
President, Luma Resources; Rochester Hills, MI
Retooling for the 21st Century: From Roofing to Solar Shingle Manufacturing

Paul Thomsen
Director of Policy & Business Development, Ormat Technologies, Inc; Reno, NV
Geothermal: Spurring Alaska’s Economy

Panel 4 – Renewable Energy Policy: Diversifying Alaska’s Energy Base

Moderator: Chris Rose, Executive Director, Renewable Energy Alaska Project; Anchorage, AK

Anne Margolis
Project Director, Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA); Montpelier, VT
State Clean Energy Programs: From Incentives and Financing Tools to Innovative Ideas and Results

Sen. Lesil McGuire
Senator, Alaska State Legislature; Anchorage, AK
The State of Alaska’s Role in Renewable Energy

Holmes Hummel
Senior Policy Advisory, US Department of Energy; Washington DC
Federal Policies for a Clean Energy Future

Keynote – Building a Clean Energy Economy

Bill Ritter, Jr.
Director, Center for New Energy Economy, Colorado State University; Fort Collins, CO

Breakout Session 1 – Wind & Hydrokinetic Power

James Jenson
Wind Energy Program Manager, Alaska Energy Authority; Anchorage, AK
The State of Wind Power in Alaska

Brent Petrie
Community Development Manager, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative; Anchorage, AK
Diversifying with Wind in Rural Alaska

Monty Worthington
Director of Project Development, Ocean Renewable Power Company; Alaska
Marine and River Hydrokinetic Energy Projects in Alaska

Steve Selvaggio
President, Whitestone Power & Communications; Whitestone, AK
Whitestone’s Hydrokinetic Development

Breakout Session 2 – Solar & Hydro Power

Doug Ott
Hydropower Program Manager, Alaska Energy Authority; Anchorage, AK
Hydropower Development in Alaska

Clay Koplin
CEO, Cordova Electric Association; Cordova, AK
Humpback Creek Hydroelectric Project: The Biggest Little Project in Alaska

Rich Stromberg
Solar Program Manager, Alaska Energy Authority; Anchorage, AK
Solar Photovoltaic Trends in Rural Alaska

Rich Seifert
Energy and Housing Specialist, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Fairbanks, AK
Solar Thermal and Passive Solar Use in Commercial and Residential Design

Breakout Session 3 – Biomass & Geothermal Power

Devany Plentovich
Biomass Program Manager, Alaska Energy Authority; Anchorage, AK
Reducing the Cost of Heating: The Status of Biomass in Alaska

Jeff Hermanns
Tok Area Forester, Alaska Department of Natural Resources; Anchorage, AK
Tok School Wood-Fired Boiler

Peter Crimp
Alternative Energy/ Energy Efficiency Deputy Director, Alaska Energy Authority; Anchorage, AK
Geothermal Development and Potential in Alaska

Catherine Fritz
Architect, Juneau International Airport; Juneau, AK
Juneau International Airport Ground Source Heat Pump System