2012 Business of Clean Energy in Alaska

Panel 1 – A Conversation About Alaska’s Energy Future

Moderator: Mark Sinclair, Executive Director, Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA); Montpelier, VT

Nick d’Arbeloff
President, Advanced Energy Economy (AEE); Washington DC

Kateri Callahan
President, Alliance to Save Energy; Washington DC

Dennis V. McGinn
President, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE); Washington DC

Mead Treadwell, Lt. Governor of Alaska; Anchorage, AK

Panel 2 – Financing the Future: Investing in Energy Innovation

Moderator: John Wanamaker, Principal, Alaska Venture Partners; Anchorage, AK

Doug Kirkpatrick
Partner, VantagePoint Capital Partners; San Bruno, CA
Investing in Energy Innovation – a VC’s Perspective (.pdf)

Ethan Schutt
Senior Vice President of Land and Energy Development, CIRI; Anchorage, AK
Alaska’s (new) Energy Frontier

Clark Wiedetz
Renewable Energy Director, Siemens; Norcross, GA
Corporate America Investment in Renewable Energy (.pdf)


Keynote – United States Energy Security: Challenges and Opportunities

Dennis V. McGinn
President, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)

Panel 3 – Government as a Driver: Programming Success

Moderator: Gwen Holdmann, Director, Alaska Center for Energy & Power (ACEP); Fairbanks, AK

Andy Brydges
Sr. Director, Renewable Energy Generation, Massachussetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC); Boston, MA
Measuring Clean Energy Jobs (.pdf)

Peter Crimp
Deputy Director, Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency, Alaska Energy Authority (AEA); Anchorage, AK
Alaska’s Renewable Energy Fund at Year 5: What’s Next (.pdf)

Mark Sinclair
Executive Director, Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA); Montpelier, VT
State Leadership in Clean Energy: Strategies for Success (.pdf)

Panel 4 – In Search of the “Negawatt”

Moderator: John Davies, Senior Energy Policy Researcher, Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC); Fairbanks, AK

David Hill
Managing Consultant, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation; Burlington, VT
Deep and Sustained Efficiency Savings: The Importance of Regulatory and Delivery Structures (.pdf)

Yvonne Kraus
Program Manager, RePower Bainbridge; Bainbridge Island, WA
Repower: Energy Efficiency Success through Community Engagement and Outreach (.pdf)

Scott Waterman
State Energy Program Manager, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC); Anchorage, AK
Special Operations: Energy Savings in Alaska’s Public Buildings

Panel 5 – What’s in a Vision? The Difference Long-Term Policy Makes

Moderator: Fran Ulmer, Chair, US Arctic Research Commission; Anchorage, AK

Toby Couture
Energy & Financial Markets Analyst, E3 Analytics; Fredericton, New Brunswick
Charting the Course: Policy Stability and the Future of Clean Energy (.pdf)

Theodore A. Peck
Executive Vice President, Ku’oko;a Inc; Ahilea, HI
Pathways to Energy Transformation 

Tom Plant
Vice President of State Policy for Advanced Energy Economy
Using Policy to Drive Market Investment

Keynote – Power Surge: Energy for a New Era

Randy Udall
Co-Founder, Association for the Study of Peak Oil-USA

Panel 6 – The Cutting Edge: Alaska Competitive Advantage

Moderator: Jason Meyer, Emerging Energy Technology Program Manager, Alaska Center for Energy & Power (ACEP); Anchorage, AK

Knut M. Aanstad
Special Advisor, UN Sustainable Energy for All; New York, NY
Sustainable Energy for All – a UN Initiative

Dr. Dane Boysen
Program Director, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E); Washington DC
Catalyzing Energy Technology Innovation (.pdf)

William H. “Trey” Taylor
Co-Founder, Verdant Power; New York, NY
Marine Power: From New York to Alaska (.pdf)